Dmitry Druzhinsky Notes MatchPointNYC’s Unparalleled Athletic Facilities

Dmitry Druzhinsky Notes MatchPointNYC’s Unparalleled Athletic Facilities

In 2012, Dmitry Druzhinsky assumed the most ambitious contract of his career: a $20 million project to construct New York’s preeminent athletic and fitness destination. After an arduous series of negotiations, the perfect three-acre lot in Coney Island was secured, with plans to develop a 120,000 sq. ft. complex, the largest such facility in Brooklyn, being drawn. Upon completion of construction in 2014, MatchPoint NYC immediately boosted the standard and expectations for recreational infrastructure in New York, becoming the venue of choice for families, professional athletes, and prominent charity events. The facility’s state of the art amenities are unparalleled, allowing for an expansive array of training programs, league sports and group classes that similar spaces simply cannot hold, while its dedicated and highly skilled team of certified instructors, personal trainers and nutritionists inspire, challenge and encourage members to improve their personal health and well being.

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